Janice Dulak, Studio Owner, Author, Level 2 Instructor

My approach to Pilates is colored with all of my experiences having lived the life of the body — first as dancer and now as an avid dressage rider.

To live fully in one's body is a powerful, life changing experience and one that I am passionate about sharing with others.
Teaching Pilates has given me the way to share this incredible feeling, to have my clients experience the depths of strength, flexibility and control that Pilates can bring. I am dedicated to passing on this experience with the simple words of my great mentor, Romana Krysanowska, who told me to "teach the body."

Come find out what you can learn.
- Janice

The Dulak Pilates Studio

Our mission at the Dulak Pilates Studio is to be the premiere learning center for Pilates. We are here not just to teach the very best Pilates lessons you can find anywhere, but we are dedicated to learning all about Pilates and how it can be applied to life in its many aspects. Janice, a Romana's Pilates "Teacher of Teachers," trains many apprentices and insists on continued learning in her studio for her instructors and for herself. We hold weekly meetings to discuss how to better teach our clients, and how to improve our approach to various physical challenges that we encounter. We bring in guest instructors from time to time to give us new perspectives on teaching. Our goal is to provide a stimulating and exciting Pilates experience for all of our clients and instructors.


The Dulak Pilates Center

Our Studio is located downtown in the beautiful Lincoln Building:

44 East Main Street
Suite 102
Champaign, IL 61820


Come visit us, or Call us for an appointment: (217) 239-2694


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News & Updates

What's New at DPC:

WCIA TV spot features Dulak Pilates Center

WCIA TV Channel 3 reporter Gary Brode featured the Dulak Pilates Center in a spot on last Sunday's news broadcast. Watch it here!

Romana's Pilates Convention

The 2014 International Romana's Pilates Convention will be on July 24-27 in Chicago. Janice will present a session called, "Clientology: A Client Personality Model for Understanding How to Teach More Effectively." She'll also teach private sessions. Teachers Terry and Elizabeth will also attend.

Janice to share her wisdom live on Google+

Janice will be interviewed live on MyBOD Wellness' Google+ at 1 p.m. Central, 2 p.m. Eastern Thursday, July 17, about how to love your job as a Pilates teacher and business owner.

The hangout is called, "Happy Pilates: Keys to Running a Sustainable Pilates Business From Successful Pilates Studio Owners," and will also include Brett Miller, founder of Pilates Intel in Stockholm.

Janice will share how she's created a sustainable, happy Pilates business. You can access the interview that day using this link. It will also be recorded and posted on YouTube for later viewing.

Janice Teaches in New Mexico and Wyoming

Janice taught Pilates for Dressage in Albuquerque, NM last week, and also in Jackson Hole, WY last week teaching Pilates and Pilates for Dressage. Her Albuquerque clinic was a smash hit! Read more about it at the Pilates for Dressage page of our website.

Featured on Workout Wednesdays

Janice, Elizabeth, and Terry demonstrated Pilates to hosts Heather Roberts and Matt Metcalf on WCIA Tv's CI Living show. You can check it out HERE.

Newsletter Archive and Testimonials

Our monthly emails feature client profiles and testimonials as to how Pilates has helped them in their lives. We really love these, so we've made a web page that lets you look at all of these wonderful stories. And the newsletters feature Pilates tips from our instructors. Enjoy reading them all!

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Nine Essentials DVD

Dressage Today Review of
Nine Pilates Essentials for the Balanced Rider: A Magic Circle Workout

Janice's new DVD is a hit with the reviewer for Dressage Today, the premier periodical of the US Dressage community. "...there are plenty of Pilates programs out there, but I think this one has an edge..." she writes. Read the full review.

In this DVD, Janice shows you the nine essential body "parts" that are the key to "speaking" to your horse with sophistication and eloquence. By using the "Magic Circle" exercise ring in a series of exercises, riders get a workout that trains these specific parts in ways that instantly apply to your riding. Published by Trafalgar Square Books, it is available from our shop.

Other reviews of Nine Pilates Essentials DVD

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